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"ATA-test"Reagent kits "ATA-test"


Several "ATA-test" kits, which differ by the purpose and the number of performed tests are available:

  • "ATA-test-C-20", "ATA-test-C-80" -  for 20 and 80 investigations of conformational index of disturbance of albumin conformation for diagnostics of active malignancy
  • "ATA-test-T-20", "ATA-test-T-80" -  for 20 and 80 investigations of indexes of albumin transport function for diagnostics of septic complications and intoxications





Validity time for the kit is one year after date of manufacturing at storage at a temperatures from 0 to 10° C. The kits may be transported under a temperature no more than 25° C during up to 14 days.